The Songbird Studio 

at The Curtain Playhouse

The studio offers lessons in voice and a variety of instruments, 

beginning voice lessons at age 8 and music lessons at age 6. 


Details on lesson policies and procedures may be found here. 
Staff Bios can be found at the "Our Staff" tab. 

To schedule lessons, please contact us using our "Contact" tab.

The studio offers lessons in piano, voice, guitar, flute, ukulele, bass and music theory/songwriting.  We begin voice lessons at age 8 and instrument lessons at age 6. 

*Students who are studying voice must know the basics of how to read music. Beginning students who do 

  not read music will spend a portion of their lessons each week learning to read music; it is vital to their success as a singer.

*Students will perform in periodic recitals, to be scheduled by the teacher.

*Piano students will need to purchase workbooks as they progress in their lessons.  Your teacher can help you with ordering.

*Priority scheduling is available to those students who are studying theatre at The Curtain Playhouse.

*If you are ill, please call & let your teacher know as early as possible. Singing when sick can strain the voice and you need to

  protect your instrument and your health.  However, if you are feeling a little tired but in the recovery process, singing is

*Missed lessons without notice or late arrivals will not be rescheduled for make up times.

*If you know you will be late to a lesson, you must call the teacher beforehand to give a warning. Being late by 10 minutes or

  more is considered a missed lesson and will not be made up.

*You may cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before the lesson time and schedule a make up at no extra charge. Any lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be made up or reimbursed.

*We ask families to commit to lessons for a 3-month block at a time.  A fee will be assessed for students who do not follow a

  3-month commitment model.

*Teachers will NOT teach any lesson to students who are not current on their accounts.

Lesson Payment Information:


Families register/pay for a "punch card" of lessons.  Cards are kept at the theater's studio and will be punched by the teacher.  All lessons are to be scheduled directly with the teacher.  Contact our office manager with any questions or to register.

4 punch card, 30 min lesson- $100

4 punch card, 45 min lesson- $150

4 punch card, 60 min lesson- $200

8 punch card, 30 min lesson- $200

8 punch card, 45 min lesson- $300

8 punch card, 60 min lesson- $400

12 punch card, 30 min lesson- $300

12 punch card, 45 min lesson- $450

12 punch card, 60 min lesson- $600

16 punch card, 30 min lesson- $400

16 punch card, 45 min lesson- $600

16 punch card, 60 min lesson- $800

The Curtain Playhouse

at the Historic Elitch Theatre               
4600 W. 37th Place

Denver, CO  80212

Box Office:  720-887-0122
Administrative Office: 720-308-2920

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