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Learn To Sew

as of Fall 2022,
Sewing Lessons are currently on HOLD waiting for a facility to hold classes

Class is 10:30-12:30ish each date

Each student will need a few standard sewing supplies. We are happy to shop for you if you would like us to provide these things for your student. We will provide a receipt and you may reimburse us prior to the class. You may pick up their supplies the day prior to the class at our location, or we can deliver them to you for a $10 delivery charge. 

Beginners Luck.jpg

What do I need?

  • sewing machine in good working order (and sewing machine manual)

  • thread

  • iron and ironing board or pad

  • bobbins

  • sewing scissors

  • tape measure

  • straight pins

  • seam ripper

  • one package of assorted size Universal sewing machine needles

Sew Your Own Circle Skirt, 10:30-12:30

Zip -a-Dee-Doo-Dah!- 10:30-12:30

Hop On Over!- 10:30-12:30

Today, we're learning how to sew circle skirts, for summer fun or your next Sock Hop!                                                                                                                                          $40.00                            (they take an awful lotta fabric!)

We are going to learn how to put in zippers today with these adorable cross-body bags! If time allows, we have a little bonus project, too!                 $35.00
                             (two zippers are included this week!)

Learn to sew with bias tape today, as we make darling placemats for your Easter table!                                                                                                       $35.00 
                                                                                     (enough materials for 2 mats)

Hold Everything!-  10:30-12:30

Learn to sew fabric bins for, well, EVERYTHING!                 $30.00

Happy Birthday Banners- 10:30-12:30

Learn to make darling pennants for every event in your family - birthdays, holidays, graduations- you name it!                                                                                                 $30.00

Circle 2.jpg
Crossbody Zipper Bag.jpg
Crossbody Zipper Bag 2.jpg
Carrot Placemat.jpg
Egg Placemats.jpg
Pennant banner 3.jpg
Pennant banner1.jpg
Pennant banner 2.jpg

**Photos are examples of designs only & were not developed by The Curtain Playhouse


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